Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 4, pp. 903-918, Warsaw 2003

Modelling of vibrations of machines models by use of the hybrid bond graphs

Andrzej Nowak, Katarzyna Czapla, Konrad Kaczmarek
In the paper the problem of the modelling of machine systems by making use of the hybrid bond graphs method in a matrix representation and in terms of differential equations has been formulated. The presented method of the dynamic analysis of mechatronical machines models on the basis of the hybrid network graphs constitutes a very efficient algorithm. Such a method consists in the modelling of the given mechatronical model in terms of the hybrid bond graphs with a neural net and the Mason signal flow as subgraphs. Using the impedance method frequency characteristics and natural frequencies for the vibrating model of a machine are analysed on an example of a railway vehicle. In the paper, the sensitivity model and its dynamic characteristics are formulated and examined with the help of the hybrid bond graphs method.
Keywords: modelling; bond graphs; hybrid bond graphs method; neural network