Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 4, pp. 873-885, Warsaw 2003

Load positioning and minimization of load oscillations in rotary cranes

Andrzej Maczyński
In the paper a method of load positioning and minimization of load final oscillations in rotary cranes has been presented. Drive functions of the slewing of an upper structure have been determined by means of dynamic optimisation. In the optimisation task a simplified model has been used. A completely stiff supporting structure of the crane has been assumed. A feedback control system has been proposed to compensate for influences of flexibilities that have not been taken into account during the optimisation and for inaccurate knowledge of parameters of the model. The effectiveness of the control system for two different controlled variables has been analysed. A special coefficient for quantitative analysis has been proposed. Results of numerical simulations have been presented.
Keywords: crane; positioning; control; numerical simulation