Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 4, pp. 789-803, Warsaw 2003

The inverse problem in a hyperbolic-section radial compressor

Romuald Puzyrewski, Paweł Flaszyński
A comparison between the inverse method, leading within the framework of the 2D model to prediction of the optimal rotor shape and the direct approach for evaluating flow through a preexisting rotor shape utilizing a 3D model is presented in this paper. The principle of shaping the rotor envelope and blading within the 2D model is illustrated, followed by subsequent computation of 3D flow through the resulting model. The design goal is to obtain uniform distributions of flow parameters within the rotor while avoiding separated flow. It is also shown how the altering of the overall shape of the rotor from conical to hyperboloidal affects the uniformity of velocity distribution upstream of the rotor inlet.
Keywords: compressor; inverse problem; 2D model