Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 2, pp. 271-288, Warsaw 2003

Interaction between a stratified elastic half-space and an irregular base allowing for the intercontact gas

Ihor Machyshyn, Wiesław Nagórko
The paper is devoted to the investigation of contact interaction of a laminated half-space and a rigid body with a smooth cylindrical depression under conditions of plane deformation allowing for an intercontact ideal gas. To describe the homogenized model of the laminated body with microlocal parameters and to describe the behavior of the gas – equations of ideal gas state are used. Applying the method of complex potentials the problem is reduced to the singular integral equation for the height of intercontact gap and its solution is obtained in a closed form. To find the length of the gap, its volume and the gas pressure a system of three equations is derived. With the aid of this system the dependence of the external loading and amount of the gas in the gap on the contact pressure and geometrical parameters of the gap is analyzed.
Keywords: contact problem; laminated half-space; gas; complex potentials; singular integral equations