Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

40, 2, pp. 497-511, Warsaw 2002

Structural friction and viscous damping in a frictional torsion damper

Zbigniew Skup
The considerations concern the steady state of a non-linear discrete three-degree-of-freedom system containing a torsional damper. The system vibrates under harmonic excitation. The analysis takes into account structural friction and linear viscous friction of a ring floating in a plunger filled with a high-density silicon oil. A uniform pressure distribution between the friction discs is assumed. The influence of the main parameters such as: external load amplitude, unit pressures, linear viscous damping, geometric parameters and amplitude-frequency characteristics are analysed. The equations of motion of the examined power transmission system are solved by a slowly-varying-parameter method and digital simulation.
Keywords: frictional torsion damper; non-linear vibration; viscous damping; structural friction