Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

38, 4, pp. 929-945, Warsaw 2000

Automatic control of an aircraft flying a turn

Michał Cichoń, Jerzy Maryniak
Co-ordination of a turn is a complex case. Correct turn is done with such a bank that the resultant force of centrifugal and gravity forces will be in the symmetry plane of the aeroplane.

The paper deals with a general mathematical model of an aeroplane in spatial flight. The following problems have been analysed: characteristic parameters of a correct turn, general physical and mathematical control model, approved steering principles and block schema of the equipment. The most important thing is a correct choice of the control system and suitable amplification factors.

The autopilot contains four channels, which can control the flight thanks to deflection of the height control surface, direction control surface, ailerons and the engine control lever.

Results of the research were obtained by means of numerical simulation of complete model of dynamics of an aeroplane with automatic control system, on the basis of a programme written in the calculation environment of MATLAB package, and were presented in graphic forms.
Keywords: automatic control system; autopilot; co-ordinated turn; flight simulation