Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

37, 4, pp. 909-927, Warsaw 1999

A process of gyroscope motion control in an autonomous system of target detection and tracking

Zbigniew Koruba
A control algorithm of a three-degree-of-freedom gyroscope axis motion emerging from a solution to the inverse problem of dynamic is presented in the paper. A complete system of non-linear differential equations represents the motion of axis of a gimballed gyroscope (i.e. mounted in the Cardan joint), including both the inertial parameters of all elements and resisting forces acting in joint bearings. The effect of the following factors: initial conditions choice, disturbances, as well as non-linearity, on precision of the gyro-axis required motion realisation is presented. Optimal parameters of the control algorithm correcting the gyro-axis motion are determined, as well.
Keywords: gyroscope; control; inverse problem of dynamics