Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

37, 3, pp. 593-606, Warsaw 1999

Modeling of the lubrication mechanism in human joints using micropolar fluid theory

Anna Kucaba-Piętal
The paper aims at presentation of modeling of human joints within the framework micropolar fluid theory. A mathematical model of two converging spheres represents the biobearings. In the model the boundaries of the spheres are considered to be rigid and the lubricant (synovial fluid) is represented by
a micropolar fluid. Basing on the asymptotic solution obtained for squeezing motion of converging spheres (Kucaba-Pital, 1999), the velocity vector in a gap is determined and asymptotic values of the force are calculated. The effects of rheological constants variation on the flow field in a gap are disscussed.
Keywords: synovial fluid; micropolar fluid; human joints