Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

37, 2, pp. 283-299, Warsaw 1999

Vibrations and stability of columns subjected to a certain type of generalised load

Lech Tomski, Jacek Przybylski, Maria Gołębiowska-Rozanow, Janusz Szmidla
A classification of loading of cantilever columns regarding the way of load application has been established. Natural vibration frequency against the applied load and stability of two columns under the generalised load of the first kind have been investigated numerically. The influence of some geometrical parameters of the loading head as well as the concentrated mass fixed at the end of column upon both the eigenvalue curves and the divergence critical load were analysed. Some numerical results of eigenfrequency have been confirmed by an experiment performed on two constructed stands.
Keywords: elastic column; divergence instability; natural frequency; generalised load