Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

36, 3, pp. 795-806, Warsaw 1998

Colmatage accompanying the flow of gasified liquid through porous media

Alfred Trzaska, Krystyna Sobowska
The paper deals with a flow of liquid containing dissolved gas through a porous medium. Due to a pressure drop below the saturation pressure along the flow course, bubbles of gas can be emitted in the liquid. They are deposited in the pores of the medium, decreasing its porosity and permeability. Thus, the phenomenon of colmatage occurs. This process is described by Henry's equations (2.1), the equations of balance transport (2.2), motion (2.4), with initial boundary conditions (2.5) taken into consideration. Basing on these equations there are obtained: function of the position and time of the medium porosity e(x,t), function of the pressure distribution h(x,t), and time-dependent discharge of flow q(t). Diagrams of these functions are shown in Fig.1-Fig.6.
Keywords: colmatage; filtration; porous media; suspension