Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

36, 3, pp. 775-794, Warsaw 1998

Flow of conductive fluids through poroelastic media with piezoelectric properties

Józef Joachim Telega, Ryszard Wojnar
The aim of this contribution is to elaborate a general framework for modelling flows of electrolytes through porous piezoelectric media. Organic materials like animal and human bones provide an example of materials to which our results apply, though in wet bones the piezoelectric effect is smaller than the electrokinetic one. Those materials may be treated as piezoelectric porous materials through which a conductive fluid flows. The present work is confined to a regular distribution of pores. On the interfaces between the piezoelectric skeleton and conductive fluid natural jump conditions are imposed.
By using the method of two-scale asymptotic expansions, the macroscopic phenomenological equations describing electrokinetics of such a two-phase structure are derived and the formulae for the effective mechanical and nonmechanical coefficients are given.
Keywords: homogenization; porous medium; elektrokinetics