Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

36, 3, pp. 561-580, Warsaw 1998

Interaction of elastic waves with a fluid-saturated porous solid boundary

Mieczysław Cieszko, Józef Kubik
The problem of energy reflection and transmission of an oblique incident plane harmonic wave at the surface of an elastic porous solid halfspace immersed in fluid is considered. The case of pure elastic behaviour of the system with incompressible material of the skeleton is analysed. Considerations are based on the two parametric theory of fluid-saturated porous solid in which the isotropic pore structure is described by the volume porosity and the parameter characterising tortuosity of pores. The influence of mechanical properties of both the physical constituents and angle of wave incidence on the energy reflection and transmission coefficients is analysed. Two general cases of the wave interaction are investigated: waves incident from the bulk fluid on the surface of porous halfspace, and waves (fast, slow and shear) incident from a fluid-saturated porous solid. Calculations have been made for the system composed of porous fused glass bead solid filled with water in one case and with ethyl alcohol in the other case and diagrams of the results have been shown.
Keywords: saturated porous solids; wave reflection