Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

36, 2, pp. 241-247, Warsaw 1998

Behaviour of anthropogenic soils subjected to vibration loadings

Ryszard Kaczyński, Marek Barański
The paper presents the results of experimental investigations into the influence of dynamic loadings on the shear strength in two chosen soils: coal ash and dump soil. The authors suggest description of the change of shear strength due to dynamic loading in terms of the W_Z ratio. It shows a quantitative change of strength due to vibrations related to the initial value of strength. The functional relations have been established between the W_Z ratio and frequency of the dynamic loading. The authors indicate that the tested soils respond more intensively to vibrations in the horizontal plane, as well as to distinct quantitative and qualitative changes in the soil microstructure.
Keywords: anthropogenic soil; vibration; strength; laboratory test