Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

35, 4, pp. 901-914, Warsaw 1997

Coupled fields – modelling of materials for modern technologies

Bogdan Maruszewski, Czesław Rymarz
A kind of review of the theory of Coupled (Combined) Fields is given in the paper. In introduction the foundation and development of phenome-nological theories has been presented. In the next section the formulation and development of the theory of coupled fields are considered. In the present state it treats the mechanic, electromagnetic, thermal, diffusion and microstructural fields jointly. The range of possible applications of such an extended theory has been formulated. The main components of its foundation have been presented. Section 3 contains fundamental suggestions given to the construction of the constitutive equations conformal to modern thermodynamics of nonequilibrium processes. Foundations of the thermodynamic theory of constitutive equations have been considered and a sample of procedure of the constitutive equations construction has been given.
Keywords: theories of continuous media; coupled fields; constitutive equations