Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

35, 4, pp. 829-848, Warsaw 1997

Identification of the rotor blade wake and 3D turbulence structure in axial flow low speed compressor stage

Andrzej S. Witkowski, Tadeusz J. Chmielniak, Michał D. Strozik
The main objective of these investigations is to provide study of the turbulence structure in the wake mixing region of the axial flow low speed compressor rotor exit. The unsteady flow under two different'operating conditions has been investigated by means of periodic multisampling with the use of straight and 90 degree triple-split fiber probes to find out the influence of aerodynamic compressor load on threedimensional turbulent flow field. Tip clearance effects, secondary flow near the hub and outer wall and radial flow in the wake, turbulence intensity and Reynolds stresses and, also, the decay of the rotor wakes can be obtained using this method.
Keywords: axial low speed compressor stage; turbulence intensity; periodic multisampling