Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

34, 4, pp. 683-693, Warsaw 1996

Side curvature effect on the stress intensity factor K_I of finite width cracked elements subjected to tension and bending

Krzysztof L. Molski
The present paper deals with the influence of side curvature on the stress intensity factor K_I for a central crack, two symmetric edge cracks in a finite width plate subjected to tension and a single inner or outer edge crack in a curved bar under tension and bending. Various side curvatures and crack lengths have been analysed numerically using the boundary element method (BEM). The values of K_I being calculated are compared to those obtained using the weight functions applicable to long rectangular plates with the same crack locations and regarding the real stress distributions of uncracked elements with curvilinear boundaries. It has been proven that the stress distribution along the potential crack path, due to side curvature and external loading conditions, has a dominant effect on the stress intensity factor values.
Keywords: crack; stress intensity factor; weight function method