Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

32, 3, pp. 711-726, Warsaw 1994

Corrosive-fatigue crack growth rate in 15G2ANb steel

Waldemar Bachmacz, Krzysztof Werner, Zygmunt Kolasiński
The paper presents the results of research into fatigue and corrosive cracking in flat samples made of ferritic-perlitic 15G2ANb steel. The tests were performed under tensile fatigue loading at constant loading amplitude in two environments: in air and in 3.5% NaCl solution in distilled water. The crack growth across material (notch inside the sample) was also considered. The research was also aimed at a study on the second stage of crack development a threshold-close area at the value approaching K_th. The results show considerable influence of the corrosive environment on the fatigue crack growth rate, especially within the threshold close area. No influence of the samples thicknesses on the crack development was observed, however.