Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

32, 3, pp. 607-627, Warsaw 1994

Evaluation of light airplane performance in stall and spin – A survey

Piotr Kulicki, Maciej Lasek
The purpose of the paper is to present some approximate criteria for assessment of a light tail-aft aircraft configuration from the point of view of its properties in stall and spin. In some cases, compilation and/or modification of methods presented in literature is proposed.

The paper is divided into two parts:

– Stall characteristics. This part is focused on determination the spanwise distribution of a lift coefficient over a wing and setting some additional criteria. Fulfillment of these criteria determines the aircraft performance in stall and pro-spin conditions.

– Spin characteristics. Some rough criteria for evaluation of an aircraft arrangement accounting its spin characteristics are given. A simplified mathematical model of motion in spin with approximate methods for determination of necessary aerodynamic coefficients is presented.