Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

28, 3-4, pp. 467-481, Warsaw 1990

Wyniki pomiarów widma obciążeń skrzydła szybowca w niektórych stanach użytkowania

Wiesław Stafiej

The results of the fatigue loading spectrum measurements on SZD-51-1 ''Junior'' gliwer have been presented. The general characteristics of spectrum and the operation mode for the glider have been described. The special loading blokcs have been selected in respect to the load factor being the function of time, namely the blocks of ground run in take-off and landing as well as winch launching. The measurement results have been presented in the form of spectram diagrams and tabels listing the loading cycles associated with the particular time fractions of the characteristic spectrum modes. The way of the measurement results utilization for the designing of fatigue test programm has been described.