Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

28, 3-4, pp. 369-377, Warsaw 1990

Wpływ stopnia wyważenia steru na efekty dynamiczne w automatycznym pilotażu

Maciej Mróz

A concept of system optimization, which ensures the fastest damping of A.N. Golubyentsev's process for the linear n-th degree equations has been modified for the systems described by matrix-vector equations. The matrix form enables the fast determination of suitable coefficients for the linear systems. It is konow that in most cases the equations of controlled dynamic objects are presented in the form of a matrix set of equations. The modified method has been used for optimization of the stiffness and damping of the elevator propulsion, taking into account his balancing. The result of optimization is the fastest damping of oscillations of an airplane in automatic flight control.