Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

24, 3, pp. 363-376, Warsaw 1986

Analiza numeryczna parametrów lotu i sterowania samolotu w ustalonym ruchu spiralnym

Jerzy Maryniak, Jędrzej Trajer

In the paper a numerical analysis is presented of airplane flight control parameters in a steady spiral motion. The airplane is assumed to be a stiff, mechanical object with six degrees of freedom. The deflections of control surfaces, i.e. ailerons, rudder and elevator have parametric influence only on the values of aerodynamic forces and moments. The equations of airplane steady spiral motion are based on full airplane space equations of motion. A set of seven non-linear algebraic equations is obtained which allow us to determine the equilibrium. In order to investigate the problem under study a numerical model is applied. A numerical analysis of motion in subsonic TS-11 ,,Iskra'' jet aircraft is presented.