Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

24, 1-2, pp. 197-205, Warsaw 1986

Dynamika ruchu fotela odrzucanego względem samolotu w locie symetrycznym

Czesław Szendzielorz

A relative motion of an ejection seat with respect to an airplane in a level flight and G-load flight was considered with rolling of the seat taken into account. It was assumed that the ejection seat after gettimg off from the guide tranlates and rotates. The corrections for calculations were found of the ejection seat motion trajectory with the effect of G-load on the airplane and the seat taken into account during the ejection in a curvilinear motion. Aerodynamic characteristics of the ejection seat have been taken from literature. The numerical calculations were performed by the use of a program in FORTRAN IV for R-32 computer.