Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

23, 3-4, pp. 413-426, Warsaw 1985

Metoda górnej oceny w zastosowaniu do dwuotworowego wyciskania metali

Romana Śliwa, Józef Zasadziński

The upper-bound solution for plane-strain conditions can be modified and used in the ``three-dimension'' extrusion. Basing on Johnson's graphical solution, problem of the extrusion through two-hole-die was solved in this work. The value of the necessary force for extrusion through two-hole-die was defined on the basis of calculation. Theoretical force parameters were compared with results obtained during extrusion of lead through two-hole-dies with various holes' distance. A good convergence was found between calculated and measured parameters. Proposed methods of solution give possibilities to define optimum holes' distance in the die. Concept mentioned above can be used for design multi-hole-dies for extrusion of metals.