Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

20, 3-4, pp. 271-284, Warsaw 1982

Nieliniowa teoria stateczności powłok przekładkowych z uwzględnieniem poprzecznej odkształcalności rdzenia

Franciszek Romanów, Jerzy Czmochowski

The elastic stability of a cylindrical three layer-shell with soft core is considered. The deformation of a core occurs vertically to the shell surface. For the external layers according to the theory of thin homogneous shells the hypothesis of Kirchhoff-Love displacement was assumed. For the core, the methods given in papers [1,2] taking into account the transverse deformability of the core – were considered. The differential equation of the equilibrium of the forces was established. With the introduction of the stresses and displacement finctions the equation was solved by aproximate Bubnov-Galerkin method. The diagrams of compressing force as a function of the core with were presented. The force is connected with the first point of bifurcation. Also the diagrams of compressive force as a function of shell deflection – for different values of initial imperfections were given.