Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

19, 4, pp. 545-562, Warsaw 1981

Płaska fala silnej nieciągłości we wstępnie odkształconym izotropowym materiale sprężystym

Sławomir Kosiński

The subject of the paper is the analysis of propagation of strong discontinuity plane waves in an isotropic unbounded medium. The isotropic material with the second order elasticity coefficients has been assumed. We also assumed that the strains in front of the strong discontinuity wave were homogeneous. The isentropic and adiabatic approximation were taken into consideration. By means of the method described in paper [3] the amplitude vector H and the speed propagation U_v have been expanded into power series of the parameter m. As the ,,zero'' approximation we obtained the acceleration wave
(two transversal and one longitudinal). The diagrams for the speed propagation against the strains in front of the singular surface have been presented. The ,,first'' approximation gives only a single longitudinal strong discontinuity wave. On the remeining diagrams we presented the strong discontinuity wave speed against the jump of the deformation gradient. The diagrams were made for steel and aluminium. It has been calculated that the greatest difference between the acoustic speed wave propagated in initially strained medium and the strong discontinuity wave speed in this medium for the steel is 274 m/s.