Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

19, 1, pp. 27-39, Warsaw 1981

Reologiczne efekty prętów metalowych równocześnie zginanych i rozciąganych

Adam Kisiel, Stefan Piechnik

The problem of simultaneous tension and bending of prosmatic bar of arbitrary cross-section shape has been solved in the case of the steady state creep law in the power form (Odquist's law) and linear Cauchy and Navier relations. Assuming that certain parameters of deformation satisfy the system of equations.The method of the application of loads satisfying exactly the boundary conditions was shown, and the components of the stress tensor, rote of strains and displacements have been obtained as well as the time of crack initiation (according to Kachanov). The state of the bar deformation was subjected to detailed analysis. The numerical algorithm of unknow parameters of deformation has been given.