Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

18, 1, pp. 51-59, Warsaw 1980

Próba modyfikacji liniowego modelu dyskretnego o wielu stopniach swobody na przykładzie pojazdu szynowego

A. Chudzikiewicz, J. Kisilowski, A. Żochowski

We give a review of synthesis methods of a discrete linear model dynamics and propose a new method of synthesis based on a modification of the transfer functions matrix. The basis for the synthesis constitute eigen-values and eigen-vectors, transfer functions matrix and dynamic functions of transmission, estimated for vector equation of state obtained as a result of transformation of the system of linear differential equations of the second order with constant coefficients corresponding to a mathematical model of the investigated object. In the proposed method the problem of synthesis has been realized through a modification of dynamic functions of transmission based on elements of transmitantion matrix of the investigated equation of state. Our purpose was to obtain the vector of constructive parameters realizing expected properties of a dynamic system. For different types of rail vehicles criteria necessary at the stage of synthesis problem
were introduced. The calculation has been performed for a model with two degrees of freedom.