Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

17, 3, pp. 431-440, Warsaw 1979

Wytrzymałość zmęczeniowa poliamidu 6 w funkcji czasu starzenia i zawartości włókna szklanego

Marian Nowak

In the paper are presented results of fatigue tests performed on three kinds of polyamid 6 ie: Tarnamid T-27, glass reinforced Tarnamid T-27 with 25 and 35 per cent of glass content (Itamid 1-25 and Itamid 1-35). The determination of ageing effects of Itamids in the period of five years, and Tarnamid T-27 in seven years is the characteristic feature of performed experiments. Besides, the influence of glass content on fatigue limits at 107 cycles was investigated. The analisis of results taking into account the physical microstructure, and the role of monomer and macroradicals in the process of ageing and fatigue decohesion was carried out.