Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

17, 3, pp. 391-404, Warsaw 1979

Zastosowanie metody kolejnych rozwiązań sprężystych do elastooptycznego badania ośrodka sprężysto-plastycznego z otworem walcowym

Jerzy Lietz, Bogdan Michalski, Ryszard Wojnar

Paper presents an application of a method of elastic successive solutions to photoelastic investigation of a plastic medium. Theoretical foundations and experimental procedure of the proposed method are presented. In the case of the plane state of strain fringes correspond to the stress intensity lines. An attempt to determine the state of stress around a generally irregular cylindrical cavity by means of the method of successive elastic solutions with the use of photoelastic models has been made. Stress distributions in characteristic sections around a rectangular cavity and a typical arched mining excavation have been determined. Test results prove that the method may be successfully used for the determination of the state of stress in two dimensional elastic-plastic media under plane strain conditions.