Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

17, 3, pp. 379-390, Warsaw 1979

Metoda imersyjna interferometrii holograficznej do badania kształtu i odkształceń

Marek Lech, Irena Mruk, Jacek Stupnicki

The paper presents an investigation carried out with the aide of holographic contouring immersion method. The method, properly adjusted, allows to obtain contour maps of the surfaces of machine details with contour interval from Dz=1 micrometer to several milimmeters. These maps, having definite accuracy, are suitable for quantitative analysis of shape and deformations as well as for qualitative comparison of surfaces of details. The measurements were carried out on metal surfaces, for example on turbine blades, cutting tools and coins, and on the models of structures made of silicon-rubber.