Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

17, 3, pp. 339-356, Warsaw 1979

Doświadczalny i analityczny opis własności stali o podwyższonej wytrzymałości w zakresie małej liczby cykli

Czesław Goss, Stanisław Kocańda

In the first part of the paper the experimental results of low-cycle fatigue investigations on high strength steels 35G2Y, 20G2Y and 18G2A have been given. The tests were performed for symmetric tension-compression with a constant amplitude of total strain. The steady hysteresis loops, cyclic strain curves and fatigue diagrams have been developed. The results obtained have shown cyclic workhardening of the steels, except of total strain amplitude smaller than one percent. On the basis of the experimental results an analytic description of hysteresis loops and cyclic strain has been proposed. In this description the method of transformation of scale has been used. The method makes it possible to describe the steady hysteresis loops and cyclic strain curve from the test of one specimen only. Further studies are desirable.