Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 4, pp. 583-600, Warsaw 1978

Siły tarcia coulomba podczas wirowania

Alfred Zmitrowicz
In this paper the description of the Coulomb's friction tensor [6] is extended to the case of contact between surfaces, with isotropic and anisotropic roughness and to the case of the contact between surfaces of various anisotropic roughness. Numerical calculations of trajectories of a point over surfaces of various roughness have been made. The vectors of force and moment of friction during rotation are defined as quantities depending on the frictional characteristic of the contact surface and the rotation speed versor. The definition is valid for any form of contact and any kind of friction. Vectors of the friction forces during rotation have been calculated for selected cases. Numerical calculations of the rotation speed of a solid body with a rectangular base being in contact with an ideal surface, and with surface with isotropic and anisotropic roughness have been made.