Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 4, pp. 537-556, Warsaw 1978

Określenie ugięć lepkoplastycznej płyty prostokątnej obciążonej impulsem ciśnienia

Wiesław Wojewódzki, Anna Perdzyńska
The solution of the motion equation for a viscoplastic plate is presented. The plate is hinge-supported on all edges and subjected to a uniformly distributed transverse impulse. The general case of the blast type pressure is considered together with such particular cases as the rectangular, triangular and perfect impulse. The final deflections are determined by using two ways of satisfying the unloading criterion. The influence of viscosity of the material as well as of the shape and the magnitude of the applied impulse on the process of deformation and on the permanent deflections is investigated. The solution for a perfectly plastic plate is also obtained as a limiting case of the viscoplastic solution.