Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 4, pp. 517-535, Warsaw 1978

Drgania wymuszone linii wałów z uwzględnieniem asymetrii sztywność giętnej i podatności fundamentów metoda identyfikacji podatności dynamicznej fundamentów linii wałów

Janusz Kolenda
In this paper the periodically excited vibrations of shaftings are considered with the flexibility of an oil film in bearings and of a foundation taken into account. The derived formulae are concerned with uncoupled bending, torsional and longitudinal vibrations governed by linear partial differential equations, for which the symmetry of a bending rigidity is not assumed. The size of system matrices is reduced by means of the transfer matrices related to solution coefficients for adjacent shaft pieces. Such transfer matrices have simpler form then ones related to state vectors and their multiplication in the case of shaft pieces with equal physical properties can be replaced by adding arguments of functions existing in these matrices. Solutions arc obtained from the set of coupled matrix equations relating to all the harmonics considered. The identification method of dynamical receptances of a foundation together with an oil film is presented which is based on measurements of shafting vibrations caused by known excitations being put in arbitrary shafting points.