Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 4, pp. 467-481, Warsaw 1978

Badania odkształceń i naprężeń termosprężystych na modelach epoksydowych metodą tensometrh elektrorezystencyjnej

Zbigniew Orłoś, Kazimierz Tomaszewski
Paper presents investigations of thermal strains measured by strain gauges cemented to the surface of epoxy models. The investigations were performed in two stages. At the first one the sum of thermal and apparent strains was measured, at the second one, the apparent strains were determined. The difference of the above mentioned strains yields the required thermal strains. The analysis of thermal load of the model as well as the corresponding thermal strains and stresses in the stationary and transient state, was presented for two speeds of temperature changes of the thermal loading.