Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 4, pp. 439-455, Warsaw 1978

Badanie ugięć płyt metodą mory

Jerzy J. Wąsowski
The application of projective moire to the study of the deflection of plates is presented in the paper. By means of two projectors two linear gratings are projected onto the surface of the tested plate, where from their superposition a moire is produced. The moire fringes can be interpreted as the contour lines obtained fom optical sectioning of the plate by a family of contouring surfaces and hence the moire can be regarded as the contour map of deflected plate. A special case, in which the contouring surfaces are elliptic cylinders, has been discussed. It was shown, how to obtain not only the shape of defiection of the plate in a chosen cross section, but also the distribution of bending moment. The theory of moire optical contouring is presented in the paper, the projective-photographic setup is described and an illustrative example is discussed in detail, what permits immediate application of the method to the problems of applied mechanics.