Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 3, pp. 389-404, Warsaw 1978

Generowanie rezonansów pobocznych przez impulsy sił w nieliniowych układach drgających

Józef Bajkowski
There arevexamined periodic and almost-periodic secondary resonances generations in nonlinear dissipative vibrating systems excited by harmonic forces. It was tested if force impulses applied to the system can cause alteration from small amplitude response to response corresponding with one of secondary resonances at significant vibration amplitude. It was assumed that irfitial velocities are resulting from the force impulses, the initial' displacements of the system taken equal to zero. The problem was strongly connected with the problem of determining the domains of attraction and was solved by two methods: a) according to original, approximate Ritz-averaging method, b) by modelling the original equation of motion on analog computer and preparing measure-recording system, which automatically determines domains of attraction in the initial velocities plane.