Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 3, pp. 377-387, Warsaw 1978

O pewnym zjawisku w procesie detonacji zawiesinowych materiałów wybuchowych zanurzonych w hydrostatycznym polu ciśnienia

Edward Włodarczyk
The analysis concerns the influence of the initial and boundary conditions (dynamical and kinematical) on the depth of penetration of an external rectangular pulse into a polytropic gas. It is analytically proved that in the case of an external, rectangular pulse of pressure, its depth of penetration into a polytropic gas substantially depends on the initial pressure acting in that gas. If, however, the pulse is produced by a uniform of the boundary (a piston), such a relationship does not hold. The phenomenon discovered is of primary importance for the process of initiation of detonations in suspension explosives, in deep water-filled excavalions.