Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

16, 3, pp. 361-376, Warsaw 1978

Osiowo-symetryczne połączenie klejone o optymalnym rozkładzie naprężeń stycznych w warstwie kleju

Karol Grudziński, Leon Łabuć, Tadeusz Burda
The paper presents the problem of optimum design of an axi-symmetric glue joint loaded by a torque. In the model assumed the elements of the joint and the glue layer are treated as elastic deformable bodies. The conditions are determined under which the maximum shearing stresses in the glue layer attain the minium value equal to the mean value. Three methods of construction of such joints are proposed, based on: (1) variable cross-section of the elements of the joints; (2) variable thickness of the glue layer; (3) application of glues with various elastic properties. In conclusion, experimental results are discussed.