Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

15, 2, pp. 215-225, Warsaw 1977

Nieustalone pole temperatury w wirującym walcu kołowym, wywołane utrzymywaną na jego pobocznicy odcinkami stałą temperaturą

Krzysztof Grysa
In this paper non-steady distribution of temperature in a rotating circular cylinder is considered for the case, when its lateral surface undergoes a sudden change of temperature. The function T(phi,t) describing the boundary condition satisfies Dirichlet's conditions for phi in (0,2pi). The problem is solved by using the finite Hankel transform. The solution is given as a sum of three parts, the physical sense of which is easy for interpretation. In the last section of the paper a numerical example illustrating the dependence of the field of temperature on the angular velocity of the cylinder is given.