Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

15, 2, pp. 179-193, Warsaw 1977

Tarcze i płyty sprężyste z więzami liniowymi dla deformacji

Wiesław Kufel, Stanisław Matysiak
A model of elastic plates is constructed on the basis of continuum mechanics with simple constraints. The function of deformation of the plate is assumed, to be linear in the unknown functions describing the motions of its lower and upper surfaces and in the coordinate normal to those surfaces. These limitations are called the linear constraints of deformation. The fundamental equations of the model are derived by means of variational methods. A criterion of estimating the accuracy of the solutions derived is then formulated and closed form solutions of the plane strain cases are given for a general case of loading. In conclusion, the boundary value problems are considered for an elastic layer loaded by self-equilibrated forces normal to the surfaces.