Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

15, 1, pp. 57-68, Warsaw 1977

Obliczanie charakterystyki dynamicznej konstrukcji płytowo-sprężynowej za pomocą metody sztywnych elementów skończonych

Jerzy Stelmarczyk
Characteristics of a flexible structure is represented by a matrix of dynamic flexibility coefficients i.e. receptances, which are functions of the excitation frequency and the structure parameters. The present-day constructions are characterized by their high flexibility and intricate shapes, complex distribution of masses and stiffnesses, and by their damping properties. In general, it is proposed to use an experimental method to find dynamic characteristics of structures. The paper presents a rigid finite element method of determining the dynamic characteristics of plate-spring structures. The method is used to determine the matrix of receptances of the plate. The construction is dynamically characterized by means of receptances. The dynamic characteristics of the construction was calculated by a digital computer. The results of calculations were verified experimentally, and the results seem to be very promising.