Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

14, 3, pp. 393-415, Warsaw 1976

Drgania cięgna w płaszczyźnie zwisu z uwzględnieniem jego sztywności na zginanie

Józef Nizioł, Alicja Pieniążek
In this paper the free and forced vibrations of cablcs are analysed, bending stiffness of the cable, the Coriolis and centripedial components of the force of inertia, are taken into consideration. Vibrations are excited by continuous time-dependent loads. The problem is described by a set of the two partial differential equations of fourth order. The following methods of solution arc applied: linearization, separation of variables and expansion into the series of free vibration forms. The analysis was performed from point of view of the proper choice geometrical parameters of cables. This approach will be useful in considering other problems like that of dynamical damping the cables sets.