Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

14, 3, pp. 347-360, Warsaw 1976

O pewnej metodzie analizy wpływu tarcia w procesie plastycznego ściskania próbki walcowej

Zdzisław Malinowski
In this paper a method is presented which makes it possible to take into consideration the effect of friction at the interfaces during compression of a cylindrical specimen. In the analysis performed it is assumed that the additional work developed by the frictional effects is dissipated over the interfaces between the specimen and loading platens. Assuming the uniform state of strain, the relations are obtained yielding the actual flow stress, the axial stress and the coefficient of friction. Making use of the relations derived the values of mi=const are computed on the basis of experimental data taken from the paper [1] and [2]. These values are compared with the values mi which were obtained in the paper [2] as the result of integrating the equilibrium equation.