Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

14, 1, pp. 19-31, Warsaw 1976

Sterowana dyskretyzacja płyt i powłok

Wiesław Kufel
The paper deals with plates and shells subject to discretization which is considered as a set of constraints of special type imposed on the structural motion. They are independent of body forces, surface tractions or mass distribution. The discretized plates and shells are examples of constrainted bodies the mechanics of which has been formulated by Cz. Woźniak. By introducing an equivalence relationship in the set of all discretizations and by evaluating the reactions occurring due to the constraints imposed it turns out to be possible to estimate each discretization. Selecting the better discretization is called the discretization control. Paper describes the methods of controlling of discretization of plates and shells, presents criterions of estimation of the solution obtained and formulates the problem of optimal discretization control.