Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

13, 1, pp. 41-56, Warsaw 1975

O modelowaniu wału wielopodporowego z wieloma tarczami za pomocą wielkiego systemu bioscylatorów. Część II. Bioscylatory wielowskaźnikowe. Modelowanie wału

Robert Krzywiec
A simple, original discrete elastic model is constructed of a ponderable elastic shaft, resting on several elastic supports and loaded by many discs. It is a multi-indicial bi-oscillator with six degrees of freedom (three translations, three rotations), which is used to model: ?? cross-sections at the supports, n_4 cross-sections loaded by discs, n_5 cross-sections of mass reduction in n_1-dimensional space, at n_2 kinds of motion. The terminology of ''multiseries'' is used in the paper, their algebra and foundations of analysis being presented by the author in a separate paper. The differential equations derived are ''five-series'' with coefficients being expressed by ''ten-series'' sequences.