Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

12, 1, pp. 85-95, Warsaw 1974

O metodach pomiarów parametrów ruchu zewnętrznej powierzchni ścianki rury rozpęczanej wybuchowo

Wiktor Babul, Henryk Derentowicz, Marek Fruczek, Edward Włodarczyk, Zbigniew Ziółkowski
Both the capacitive and photoelectric methods of measurement of kinematic parameters of the out-side wall of a tube subject to explosive expanding are discussed in this paper. The first method gives correct measurements of kinematic parameters of the inside surface, but the measuring range is limited. The second one gives a possibility of measurements without limitation in range, but the accuracy is less than that in the first method. Both methods mentioned above are complementary and cover all measuring ranges. They are simple and very useful in applications. From the experiments performed a suggestion follows that properties of the intermediate material locked between the explosive charge and the tube significantly influences the kinematic parameters of a tube wall.