Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

12, 1, pp. 35-48, Warsaw 1974

Wyznaczenie sztywności na zginanie przewodu AFL-8-525

Adam Bar, Józef Nizioł
In this paper is given the theoretical – experimental method of determining the bending rigidity of conductors of electrical lines. The conductor is replaced with an equivalent beam the deflection of which can easily be determined. On this basis, static rigidity of the conductor is determined. Influence of the conductor's clamping in a holder on the change of the stiffness (in the region of this holder) is determined by the dynamical method. Measurements data concerning beam's vibrations are given for the conductor clamped segment. The stiffness in the region of clamping and its influence on the change of the conductor rigidity is estimated. Bending stiffness of the conductor decreases prabolically with the distance from the region of clamping, and next it becomes constant and equal to the static stiffness.