Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

12, 1, pp. 17-34, Warsaw 1974

Analiza nieliniowych samowzbudnych cyklów granicznych drgań powłoki o małym wzniosie w nieliniowym opływie naddźwiękowym

Barbara Gajl
The subject of the present paper is the problem of nonlinear selfexcited vibrations of a shallow shell of finite length. Nonlinear aerodynamics is applied, the influence of stationary flow on the nonstationary flow as also material damping is taken into account. Normal displacement of the shell is presented as a double series of eigenfunctions. To obtain the set of ordinary differential equations, Galerkin's ortogonalization method is applied. The set written in a non-dimensional form is solved numerically. Using a digital computer, the limit cycle under certain initial conditions is found. Variation of the displacements of the shell in time is also shown.