Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

11, 3, pp. 315-328, Warsaw 1973

Zastosowanie elastooptyki do kształtowania głowicy zapory filarowej

Roman S. Doroszkiewicz, Jerzy Lietz, Bogdan Michalski
The paper contains an example of application of the photoelastic method to designing of a dam buttress. Testing procedures are described, special attention being paid to the method of realization of a uniform loading along the boundary of the model. Program of investigations is suggested rendering it possible to determine an optimum cross-section of the dam buttress. In the paper is described the optimization procedure of the shape of the dam buttress based on the results of photoelastic investigations. As the optimization criterion is assumed the condition of minimum volume of the buttress at a determined stress value on the upstream side. Optimum section parameters calculated on the ODRA 1204 computer are presented in the form of tables and diagrams.